At Nivex, Our promise is to have the best in class From the seed selection, through the farm’s soil preparation, irrigation, fertilization until the consumer’s fork.

“At Nivex, Our promise is to have the best in class From the seed selection.”

Using Nunhems certified Metal detectors, weight checks and Aweta Seizer lines allows us to eliminate the risks of CCPs attached to a lot of the products and exceed customer’s expectations.


We rely on local and international expertise, quality system and qualified management to maintain our edge and exceed customer’s expectations.

Nivex Cargo delivers a safe transportation tool that guarantees a successful non-hazardous cold chain.


ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative)

When we were first introduced to Sedex, we saw that their honorable principals have much common ground with our own and of what we have been applying for years.

Our policy covers a bi-yearly ETI base code audit. Nivex is not only fulfilling the requirements of ETI but is currently operating with higher standards.


Nivex Employs 4000 workers that supports about 2000 Families. We provide health care and housing, food and transportation allowance.

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