Green Beans

Since 1978 we are accumulating experiences in production, handling, packing and serving our clients with green Beans.


We supply the Beans for a 12 months period, Using diverse sites across Egypt and Sudan to insure the best climate for the plants. Open field Farms and 8000 green houses, are the foundation for the continuous supply of the green Beans.

We meet our customer’s expectations by always having the market’s best product year round.


We pack according to each customer’s specks such as loos, pre-packed, trimmed or whole.Bean Types are Fine Extra Fine Bobby Helda and Yellow Beans.


Mange-tout and sugar snaps

We are in the M2 and SS business

since 1998.

Production period starts in November and ends in May We are capable of packing 80 tons/week.


We exported last seasons around the 500 tons/season.Packing formats are 1,5 kg loos, 150g trays, 100g micro-perforated bag or 200g MAP bags. Any packing format is possible.


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